Consolidated, single-point billing simplifies operations

IBC delivers its integrated supply solutions by leveraging the power of our TechPlus™ platform. TechPlus™ provides consolidated billing for our Independent Distributors participating in national and minority contracts. TechPlus™ also acts as a data hub to assist IBC’s Strategic Account Managers in product standardization exercises, designed to understand spend data, across all plants, which leads to setting national contract level pricing from IBC Preferred Suppliers.

By centralizing invoicing data, this technology enables IBC’s network to compete as one, large and unified company. TechPlus™ also collects analytics, which in turn assists in the development of our data-driven, strategic programs. Investing in this technology has meant increased savings for IBC, which are passed on to our stakeholders.

TechPlus™ creates added value for our Independent Distributors and end user customers:

For Independent Distributors

TechPlus™ is the gateway to winning valuable contracts on a national level. This platform allows members to participate as part of a powerful national distributor network, so members can directly compete against “big box” companies.

For End Users

TechPlus™ connects IBC’s network of distributors throughout the country, providing members with single-point billing and a data hub for all national contract transactions. With TechPlus™, end users get the best of both worlds: the convenience of vendor consolidation with a single invoice for all MROP spend across the network, and local technical expertise only independent distributors can deliver.

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