24-hour access to track profitability

The IBCExchange™ is a password-protected extranet built for IBC Independent Distributors and Preferred Suppliers. This technology has revolutionized our buying group, serving as both a communication hub and a 24-hour, secure database. The IBCExchange™ provides our stakeholders with access to account information detailing their engagement with IBC, as well as additional private information about IBC, our members and the unique program offerings that set us apart from the competition.

With the IBCExchange™, buying group stakeholders can:

  • Track sales and purchasing data
  • Track participation in national and minority accounts (Distributors only)
  • Monitor the profitability of their business transactions through IBC
  • Communicate seamlessly with other buying group members
  • Read news releases on relevant business updates and announcements
  • Access contract lead forms and IBC MemberMarket™ inventory postings

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