Track goals and increase profitability with CostSavingPlus™

End users who are affiliated with our National Contract agreements value our CostSavingPlus™ program. Customers claim it is an efficient and accurate measure of their reductions in total cost of ownership (TCO) and other cost savings initiatives. A real time, online dashboard of contract cost savings goals are delivered to all participating parties. With this electronic feature, not only does this tool show end user customers how savings are realized but this electronic assistant also shows how it drives compliance through its business partnerships. End users can track 16 different cost savings metrics and even add additional, customized metrics through this real-time, online solution.

End users track savings according to:

1. Brand Consolidation/Standardization
2. Productivity Increase
3. Labor Reduction/Reallocation
4. Asset Reduction/Floor Space Reclamation
5. Energy Savings
6. Training
7. Freight Savings
8. OEM Conversion

9. Product Switch
10. Price Reduction
11. Technical Assistance
12. Obsolete Inventory
13. Transfer of Product
14. Rebuild/Rework Service
15. Price Absorption
16. Cycle Time Savings

Each month, IBC distributors log cost savings data via CostSavingPlus™ for end users participating in IBC’s National Contract Program. End users participating in these agreements can log in to the CostSavingPlus™ website and track their progress toward annual cost savings goals. As an early innovator of this technology in the industry, IBC is on the cutting edge with advances that boost our customers’ profitability.

CostSavingPlus™ offers:

  • Easy-to-read dashboards
  • Real-time cost savings data
  • Multiple options for sorting and slicing data to generate reports
  • Monthly tracking toward annual cost savings goals
  • Measurable contract compliance

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