IBC Is A Minority Business Enterprise

Bringing the value of our minority credits to our stakeholders

IBC is proud to be a Hispanic Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC).

The advantages of a minority business partner

As a Minority Business Enterprise, we know what it is like to work hard and overcome the odds by providing service that is above and beyond what our clients and partners expect. This is part of what fuels our commitment to help our Independent Distributors to succeed: we walk in their shoes every day and understand what it is like to be constantly looking for ways to demonstrate our value.  Successful minority businesses are resourceful, driven and determined. When you are faced with solving a complex business challenge you want a partner in your corner who knows how to find creative solutions.

The benefits of minority credits

Minority credits are earned through purchases made from companies recognized as Minority Business Enterprises (MBE). These credits are then applied toward a predetermined percentage of purchases a company must, or chooses to, undertake with MBEs.  If companies with diversity spending requirements fail to reach their minimum quota of minority credits, these companies may become ineligible for valuable business contracts.Many companies have established supplier diversity programs to meet government requirements and ensure strong support of minority businesses. This ultimately results strengthening the overall socioeconomic impact of minority populations.

Companies who do business with small, minority business enterprises:

  • Bring added value to their customers by supporting local economic growth
  • Support the growth of minority companies creating new jobs and increasing demand for end users’ products and services
  • Increase loyalty and awareness among growing minority segments of the population
  • Increase market share within the nation’s expanding multicultural communities, building goodwill and loyalty among these consumers
  • Benefit from fresh thinking by the innovation and new ideas that minority companies bring to the table

IBC is registered on the CCR (ProNet) website as a certified small, Hispanic-owned business. You can find us at www.ccr.gov.

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