Preferred Supplier Marketing Programs

Driving demand for Preferred Supplier products

IBC actively promotes our Preferred Suppliers to our Independent Distributors and end user customers, in an effort to deliver high value visibility throughout North America and the Caribbean. At IBC, we design and implement customized marketing and promotional plans for Preferred Suppliers driving more business from within our buying group.

IBC Preferred Suppliers enjoy the following marketing support:

  • Individualized marketing plans to maximize reach and enhance visibility with IBC distributors, partners and end user customers
  • Targeted market channel strategies replacing a mass merchandise approach
  • Management team assistance in consolidations, conversions and expansions that enhance local market positions
  • Regular opportunities to promote products to IBC distributors:
    • Weekly and bi-weekly scheduled product marketing of featured Preferred Supplier products
    • AdvantagePlus™: a quarterly brochure that promotes Preferred Suppliers’ products to end user customers
    • EngagementPlus™: a quarterly business planning report that provides detailed marketing and sales information, and identifies potential new business opportunities
  • IBC’s Annual National Meeting: providing Preferred Suppliers a highly-effective sales opportunity through private meetings with more than 30 IBC distributors

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