End User Contracts For Manufacturers

Expand your market and grow your bottom line

Manufacturers in the Preferred Supplier Program have unique advantages through IBC’s two end user contract programs: National/Regional Contracts and Minority Contracts. IBC works hard to identify areas within our end user customer base to promote IBC Preferred Suppliers. IBC incorporates their product lines into its end user contracts. As part of our ongoing national and minority contract management program, we conduct spend analysis of each IBC end user’s purchase history to show where and how they can save more money with IBC. Often, as a result of this process, we are able to position our Preferred Suppliers’ brands as part of the recommended cost savings solutions.

As an IBC Preferred Supplier, market potential expands significantly through:

  • Conversion opportunities for new business, enhanced visibility and increased market-share
  • Opportunities to be included on a contract as the Preferred Supplier of a particular product
  • The open door that IBC manufacturers receive from IBC end users once they are accepted into IBC’s network
  • IBC’s strong reputation in the industry

Find out today how you can participate on our IBC National/Regional and Minority Contract programs!

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