Minority Contracts For Independent Distributors

Building business with minority contracts

Through IBC’s certified minority business status, independent distributors who are members of IBC are able to take advantage of our Minority Contract program. This gives end users what they need to fulfill their diversity spend requirements — and sometimes doubles or triples distributors’ business in the process! IBC Independent Distributors edge out competitors who are unable to offer minority credits as a benefit..

Growing Minority Contracts into National Contracts

Once an independent distributor enters into an IBC Minority Contract, IBC proactively identifies ways to grow the account. With a strategic, high-level view of our national network, IBC is often able to identify and introduce additional noncompeting independent distributors in other markets into existing minority contracts. That’s how many of our Minority Contracts grow into National Contracts generating even more business for our distributor network.

The increasing value of minority credits

As end users become more focused on meeting diversity spend requirements through minority credits, our Minority Contract Program gives IBC Independent Distributors the opportunity to secure, grow or win new business as our distributors help one another build on each other’s relationships across the United States.

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