IBC Distributor Advantages

Offering a competitive edge for Independent Distributors

IBC represents strong, like-minded Independent Distributors in its network of over 400 branch locations throughout the United States, parts of Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. We compete effectively against national “big box” chains with a unique strategy that promotes our local Independent Distributors’ technical expertise, responsiveness and personal service.

Building business through the IBC buying group

Backed by our leading-edge technology and account management systems, Independent Distributors who partner with IBC enjoy business-building advantages through participation in our buying and marketing group. Collaboration within the buying group allows Independent Distributors to share best practices with noncompeting distributors and foster new business relationships to help sell obsolete inventory or support product lines that may not be easily accessible. Independent Distributors also increase their profits as a result of discounts from Preferred Suppliers and annual rebates.

IBC Independent Distributors serve multiple industries and channel categories:

National and Minority Contracts

The IBC network stands apart from other buying groups by helping our Independent Distributors proactively grow sales through its National and Minority Contract programs. With the combined strength of 5000 member associates, IBC can compete for and win national, regional and multi-location contracts on behalf of our Independent Distributors. Due to our certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) status, IBC buying group members can extend minority credits to their end users through our Minority Contract program.

Limited geographic overlap among Independent Distributors

IBC respects its network of Independent Distributors by limiting overlap in geographic territories. This strategy enables us to focus on the number of Independent Distributors competing for business in a given region or product vertical. By limiting overlap and direct competition among fellow buying group members, we support our Independent Distributors in operating as a unified team to offer better pricing and products than competitors outside of the IBC network.

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