Products for a safe environment

Independent Distributors in IBC’s SafetySupplyPlus® division are committed to ensuring that end users address workplace safety requirements by providing a wide variety of safety supplies to meet industry and site-specific needs.

SafetySupplyPlus® offers end users:

  • Protective clothing, foot wear and eye wear
  • Emergency eyewash and shower systems
  • Emergency preparedness, facility safety and fall protection
  • First aid supplies and kits
  • Gas, flame and smoke detectors
  • Hand, head, hearing and noise protection
  • Locks, safety alarms
  • Signage
  • Industry- and job-specific equipment for working with fire, chemicals, power tools, machinery, gas, heat, dangerous liquids and extreme temperatures

End users also benefit from the PLUS advantage, including:

  • IBC technology that seamlessly links end users with IBC distributors and manufacturers
  • Dynamic contract and account management, including front-end e-procurement, real-time transactional data, single-source billing and reporting cost savings initiatives
  • High-touch, personalized customer solutions to support business growth and profitability
  • Integrated supply solutions customized to provide the right solution for end users
  • Customized safety focused agreementsthat are flexible and agile to help maximize the time IBC focuses on end user goals

Whether you are an Independent Distributor interested in joining our SafetySupplyPlus® division or an end user looking for safety products, IBC has a solution for you!

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