National Reach For End Users

IBC is your partner for national and regional contracts

National/Regional contracts provide end users numerous benefits and competitive advantages to reduce total cost of ownership, increase profitability and enhance efficiencies. Our solution is not “one size fits all.” Account executives at IBC customize each contract to achieve and exceed objectives our customers’ facilities are intending to meet.

When comparing impersonal big box chains, end users who choose IBC receive outstanding customer service and unique solutions that only come from working with local distributors. The local professionals understand the needs of end users’ plants. At the same time, end users get the depth and breadth of sourcing options from one of the largest industrial supply buying groups in the country.

Quick decision making for rapid response

IBC distributors are independent owners committed to each contract’s success – a major advantage for end users that national companies can’t match. Our Independent Distributors make decisions locally and act quickly in response to end user needs; action made possible only through proximity and owner involvement. IBC Independent Distributors offer inventory levels customized to the industries they serve. This initiative results in less inventory carried at the plant, fewer “stock out” situations and faster emergency-support and response times.

Building lasting relationships

The personal relationships that develop with end user plants provide real value. These relationships offer residual benefits like consistency, in-depth knowledge of plant operations and long-term problem solving.

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