An IBC Members Only Event!

IBC’s Annual National Conference brings together Independent Distributors and Preferred Supplier manufacturers in the IBC buying group for two, highly anticipated days of networking and business building. This members-only event provides a fantastic opportunity for IBC stakeholders to tap into the power and potential of their businesses and the industry by meeting face-to-face with senior management of other distributors and Preferred Suppliers in our buying group.

Participants meet one on one to share best practices, develop relationships and cultivate new business. For two days, participants’ schedules are full of meetings, presentations, and social events. Members leave the conference inspired and take away best practices, industry insights and personal connections that could take weeks, even months, to gain otherwise. IBC’s National Conference is an extremely cost effective way for Preferred Suppliers to get in front of current and prospective customers. One of our Preferred Supplier says he saves close to $50,000 each year on travel costs alone by attending the National Conference!

Take advantage of IBC’s National Conference and enjoy business-building benefits:

  • Develop new relationships with IBC Independent Distributors and Preferred Suppliers from across the country.
  • Distributors network with fellow, non-competing distributors to discuss ways they can complement and strengthen their respective businesses.
  • Preferred Suppliers meet with distributors to introduce new products and services, establish and expand accounts.
  • Distributors and Preferred Suppliers meet one on one in a round-robin format to discuss new business, future discounts, operational issues and industry news.
  • Gain insider information by being among the first to learn about new initiatives and programs from IBC to support the growth of your business.
  • Provide critical input to help chart the course as we continue to innovate and advance buying group members’ positions as aggressive market leaders.

Come join IBC to see why our buying group stakeholders look forward to this exciting event every year! For more information and to register contact: Carrie DeFelice, Director of Operations; 860-246-1618 ext. 126; cdefelice@industrialbuyers.com.

What IBC’s stakeholders are saying

Here is what IBC Independent Distributors and Preferred Suppliers said about our 2018 National Conference:

“As a manufacturer, we made an investment that was very rewarding and we will commit to again. Received very good leads with many follow up opportunities!” – IBC Preferred Supplier

“Great conference, well put together. Organized very well. The Texas A & M speakers on Tuesday were phenomenal.” –  IBC Distributor

“Really appreciate the educational sessions. Thanks for all of the hard work!”  – IBC Distributor

“The program content was impressive!” – IBC Distributor