IBC Customers Speak

To learn a little more about the experiences of the Independent Distributors, manufacturers and end users that join the IBC network, here are a few of their personal words:

Independent Distributor Endorsements

The value of minority credits: “I have two [customers] that are large automotive companies with government requirements regarding minority credits.  It’s difficult sometimes for these manufacturers to find the right business partners who can fulfill their minority credit requirements and bring added value to the table. This is something IBC does well: by providing vendor consolidation, access to its distributor network, technology and reporting tools, IBC adds significant value in addition to minority credit advantages.”

Jeff Haggard, Sales Vice President, Haggard and Stocking

End User Endorsements

Strong national platform and cost savings: “I am excited about future implementations. IBC continues to introduce world‐class distributors to our marketplace in order to meet the demands of the manufacturing plants, while at the same time providing guaranteed cost savings.”

Buyer MRO Tooling, Koyo

Preferred Supplier Endorsements

Growing sales: “[What attracted me to IBC] was the breadth of the distributors that are here, and the value that IBC brings to us as a cutting tool supplier. IBC helps us help our distributors grow their margins, increase their profits, and ultimately grow YG-1 sales.”

Shane Hollenbaugh, Director of Sales & Marketing, YG-1 Tool Company

Ability to network and provide a national platform: “As a supplier, we can’t know enough about our distributors’ businesses.  IBC goes to market the same way. IBC takes a lot of time to know who they are dealing with before they think about a program, and then they’re excellent at networking the right types of distributors, so they can successfully supply end user accounts.”

Leslie Peterson, Vice President of Industrial Sales, Boss Manufacturing

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