Our History

Blazing a new path for distributors, manufacturers and end users

The IBC story is about synergy, flexibility, optimism, and the entrepreneurial spirit that has defined industry in America since the Industrial Revolution. In 1999, a group of young professionals from diverse backgrounds joined forces with a common goal: to help small and medium-sized independent distributors compete with the “big box” companies.  IBC’s founders had witnessed what had happened in the office supply industry as large, national chains began pushing the “mom and pop” office supply stores out of business. Refusing to see this pattern repeated in the world of industrial supply, their vision was to form a national buying group, and help independent distributors purchase, distribute and sell more effectively. IBC emerged as the solution. We unite local and regional independent distributors from around the country and connect them with a network of manufacturers that provide enhanced reach and market power.

Unprecedented growth as an industry innovator

From the start, IBC worked to establish strategic wholesale purchasing agreements with industrial product manufacturers and connect them with distributors to produce cost efficiencies. It soon became apparent that the Independent Distributors in our buying group would need more than consolidated purchasing programs to thrive in the rapidly changing North American manufacturing environment. In response, IBC launched its National Contract Program in 2002. This cutting-edge platform not only enabled Independent Distributors to compete nationally, but also provided cost savings and top-notch service to end user customers. IBC is now one of the fastest growing distributor/manufacturer networks in the country with 95 Independent Distributor stakeholders serving over 125,000 end user customers.

IBC today

Today, IBC is a full-service distribution and integrated supply company with over 400 distributor locations nationwide and in parts of Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. IBC combines the strength and value of a national buying group with our innovative National Contract Program. This synergy allows our members exclusive access to conduct business on a regional and national level. The success of this accomplishment is what enables IBC to rise above the competition.

IBC: Proud to be Minority-Owned and Operated

IBC is a certified Minority Business Enterprise. We are proud of our heritage as a Hispanic-owned company. The power and strength of IBC pays tribute to its cultural heritage and history. IBC also celebrates its past through its continual support of diverse suppliers and distributors. As one of the industry’s few minority businesses, IBC is proud to offer its buying group stakeholders and end users the benefits of working with a certified Minority Business Enterprise.

Experience IBC and experience innovative collaboration. Contact us today to find out how we can grow your business.