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Aug 08 2016

Does Your Company Need More Product Knowledge?

Product knowledge is a crucial tool for closing sales. It instills customer trust, builds rapport, creates a positive customer experience, and helps increase sales. Product knowledge is particularly important at the point of sale. This is where the rubber meets the road, and if a certain product or brand isn’t top of mind, then one product may be passed over in favor of another, more “familiar” brand.

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Honda 2016 Performance Excellence Award
Jul 18 2016

IBC Wins Honda 2016 Performance Excellence Award

As one of North America’s leading alliances of industrial, bearing & power transmission, electrical, and subassembly distributors, IBC is proud to announce its selection as a Honda 2016 Performance Excellence Award winner.

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Jan 04 2016

5 Best Practices For A National And Regional Account Program

In Part 1 of this blog series, we explored how independent distributors can pool their resources through the “Power of One” to service larger regional and national accounts. In this second part of “Maximizing the Value of National and Regional Account Opportunities”, IBC offers ideas and solutions in order to create win-win-win opportunities that lend themselves to a cohesive national account program.

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